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Mali group of companies

Mali group of companies

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The strength of any business lies in how it minds the business of its client. We at Mali Group of Companies hold steady to this majority of one: Our Client.

Located in the depths of East Africa , the group’s line of country extends to achieving client satisfaction to very ends of the world’s four corners.
East Africa is a blue chip region that offers wide sweep for investment. And in Uganda , the very cradle of the group, an agricultural advantage, tourist and human resource haven has helped Mali become a blue ribbon achiever in its varied ventures.
And yet East Africa remains moist with the dew of untapped potential. To us, East Africa is hallowed by its gifted children and incredible natural resources.
Our Group thus serves to add value to this land with the high standards that stand up Full Square to its treasures.

Our investments namely include:
  • Mali Mixed Farm A venture that serves to empower young farmers in this East African region and beyond.Its emphasis is on the growth of agriculture in a way that meets with the agro-circumstances of any given farming endeavor. Read More...
  • Again, our investments include courier and travel interests.
    Sarafina Safaris, which is a tour and travel concern that also doubles a transport company, is a case in point here. Read More...
    Sarafina Tours and Travel puts the motion in travel and transport throughout East and Central Africa . And it achieves this with the hosannas of praise from the satisfied clients who deserve no less.
  • More, the name Sarafina is also happily lent to another of our investments:
    Sarafina Skills services. It is directed at developing and sustaining the human resource in the region because to us the human resource is the antiseptic to the wound of inefficiency.
  • Then we have a mineral exploration outfit called
    Bbunda Holdings. All these said are iced off by Citizens FM which brings our group into the deeper reaches of an age at one with the need for information.
A lot more shall be appreciated about our numerous services as we consistently meet your expectations and, to us, your expectations are reflected in the name of our performance.

Yours Frank Gashumba

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